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What is Brevibloc?

Brevibloc also known as Esmolol, is a drug administered in emergency situations like rapid Control of Ventricular Rate (lower chamber of the heart) in patients with atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm), or atrial flutter (a serious and potentially unstable rhythm of the heart) in perioperative, postoperative. Brevibloc is a cardioselective beta1 receptor blocker with a rapid onset and relatively brief duration of action, and no significant intrinsic sympathomimetic or membrane-stabilizing activity at Therapeutic Dosages. Brevibloc is classified as a class II antiarrhythmic as it effectively decreases the force and heart rate contractions bringing it to a normal rate. Brevibloc also deals with the condition called ‘Sinus tachycardia’ which is said to be a rapid contraction of a normal heart in response to a condition, drug, or disease. The main Function of Brevibloc is to maintain your heart rhythm to a normal level. Brevibloc reduces inotropic contractility, and heart rate by blocking the adrenergic activity of epinephrine and norepinephrine. Brevibloc increases atrioventricular refractory time, decreases myocardium oxygen demand, and slows atrioventricular conduction.

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What is Brevibloc Used For?

Brevibloc is also used to help people with certain Heart Rhythm Abnormalities of the atrium keep their hearts beating regularly. Individuals suffering from atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter may Benefit From Brevibloc use. Additionally, Brevibloc is utilized during surgery to help manage blood pressure and heart rate.

How To Use Brevibloc?

Brevibloc injection is administered intravenously continuously, either with or without a loading dose. Depending on the desired ventricular response, further Loading Brevibloc Doses and/or adjustments to the maintenance infusion (step-wise dosage) may be required.

Why Brevibloc is Prescribed?

Brevibloc, a beta-blocker, is prescribed to patients with certain atrial Heart Rhythm Disorders. Brevibloc medication may benefit people who have atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter. Brevibloc is also used during surgery to help Control Blood Pressure and heart rate. Brevibloc is a short-term management drug.

What Conditions Does Brevibloc Treat?

Brevibloc treats conditions that relate to irregular or Abnormal Heart Rhythms. Following are the conditions that are effectively treated with Brevibloc.

  • Atrial fibrillation 
  • Atrial flutter during perioperative
  • Atrial flutter during Postoperative
  • Other urgent conditions
  • Normalizing ventricular rate
  • Sinus tachycardia
  • Blood Pressure during surgery

Your doctor may Prescribe Brevibloc for other conditions which are not mentioned here. in case you are unsure, ask your doctor right away to clear it you.

Brevibloc Dosage

The exact Dosage of Brevibloc would be determined by your doctor as it is based on the patient’s condition and weight. Depending on the desired ventricular response, your doctor may load additional or maintenance doses, as they may think best. Usually, Brevibloc Injection is given in form of a continuous intravenous infusion with or without a loading dose.

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Side Effects of Brevibloc:

Common side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety,
  • Drowsiness,
  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting,
  • Headache,

Cautions To Take Brevibloc:

Brevibloc must be administered by a healthcare professional only in emergent cases when required. Brevibloc should be avoided by the patients who have Significant Heart Issues like extremely slow heartbeats, heart failure, or pulmonary hypertension, or if you are currently getting certain IV heart or blood pressure drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of drug is Brevibloc?

Brevibloc is a short-acting cardio-selective beta-blocker that acts as a competitive antagonist on beta-1-adrenergic receptors in myocytes.

2. What is the generic name of Brevibloc?

The generic name for Brevibloc is Esmolol Hydrochloride which is available in form of an injection for perioperative, postoperative.

3. Does Brevibloc cause hypotension?

Brevibloc does cause hypotension as an adverse reaction but this risk is dose-dependent.

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